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My skill set

 1 System design and development

 2 Business & systems analysis

 3 Oral and written communications

 4 The skill of acquiring new skills  5 The skill of knowing when I don’t                          
Please let me introduce myself. I am a 30 year veteran of Information Technology and computing. Not your nerdy guy that fiddles with PCs and gadgets, but someone who really knows how business processes work, and how technology can be employed to make them work for your bottom line. I have worked in programming, system analysis and design, marketing and documenting, and more besides.  I am what they call “multi skilled”. I have worked as an employee or consultant for a long and diverse list of Australian companies (both big and small) in a variety of industries.  As a result, I have a wealth of knowledge and skills to share.
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Here are the major services I provide:

I work through my company, established since 1997. That means you pay no super, no workers comp, no payroll tax AND there’s no such thing as unfair dismissal!  And  you only pay for time on the job or for agreed deliverables.
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build business apps, mobile apps and websites

software support and maintenence in new south wales

document business requirements

help you develop effective IT strategies

help you build sound digital marketing solutions

web site testing - a critical function often overlooked

a competent and reliable website builder

analyse, document & improve business processes

document systems and processes

create marketing collateral such as brochures, etc

write content for newsletters, websites and social media

You can click on the “Companies” or “Projects” tabs above to explore some of my resume of experiences.
I would like to think the most important skills I can offer are an advanced ability to analyse and interpret information, to design safe, robust and cost-effective solutions, and to clearly comprehend written, spoken and diagrammatic material. As you would expect , I apply passion and drive to any assignment, and I put customer service at the top of the priority list.
know something and have to learn it
Flexible engagement
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